Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blast Away the Game Review Best of 2013 Category Voting Starts!

Game of the Year Runner Up for Blast Away the Game Review Has Begun!

Written by Dustin Murphy

 I've had a few people ask when this would begin, and it begins today. As of 12:17pm PST, we have opened up our voting polls, and will take votes on it till midnight Monday night. (approximately 24 hours). It is then we will turn off the polls, take the best of each category and let them fight it out for who wins Blast Away the Game Review's Game of the Year for 2013. Please note, we highly encourage each voter to vote only one tie in order to keep the polls fair, clean, and allow us to have a great idea of what you the gamer's enjoyed. 

 I'd also like to mention that next generation titles are not included, we opted out to let more titles come out, allowing for the genres to expand. With only so few games out there, it makes it hard for there to be a true competition. So look forward to those next year where they will be pitted against future titles! 

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