Sunday, May 4, 2014

Is a New Demon Souls Title on the Horizon?

Project Beast - A New ‘Souls’ Entry for Next Gen?
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 5/4/2014
Written by Dustin Murphy

When it comes to games that are difficult, infuriating, and demoralizing, From Software has become a team of masters and mistresses of this. With their debut title in the genre called Demon Souls, they took the consoles by storm, and soon had players breaking controllers, crying, swearing, and even screaming before even getting past the first mini-boss. The legacy continued with their high scoring franchise when they released Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, both having proven to be even more difficult. Though something was amiss when it came to Dark Souls II’s menacing creator. Hidetaka Miyazaki was in the gaming world, no where to be found, which to some is disturbing. However, in the light of this, something profound has been leaked: Project Beast.

In this new From Software title, we have seen several things that could make us think one thing - Demon Souls II. It has been something players have been demanding for years now, even hitting the forums with. With the anticipation rising, players can only keep praying, pawing, yearning, and voicing their want. The pictures that have been leaked? They will make this demand even higher.

In several of the new screens we get a sense of the setting, which seems to be somewhere near the 1500-1600 era. Why? The clothing is all, but to fitting to give it that feel. The dogs, the torches, and even the architecture seem to point to it. Though that’s not to say it could be further along towards the modern era. Several of the screens (as seen throughout this article) depict a scene set up to give us a modernized feel. The one thing that sets it up the best is the group of men in their garb. Let alone the demonic looking dog with the spines rising from upon its back and standing almost half as tall as the men. The other part that truly gives it the feel is the fog door. Something that truly almost confirms this is the more important part. Fog doors, From Software/Japan Studio (Sony), having their development teams working together. What does this mean? We can start to assume we’ll find out if it’s a new Demon Souls title or an entire new entity in the upcoming days. Stay tuned as we wait to gather more information as time passes.

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