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Kickstarter Project - Dodge Wars: Battle for Mount Olypmus

Dodge Wars: Battle for Mount Olympus on Kickstarter
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 1/12/14
Written by Dustin Murphy

 Before I even go on to go about mentioning things on this game, I want to first and fore most point out, Angie was one to actually bring this to light for me. When it comes to kick starters, indie and or arcade games, I'm all about supporting them when it comes to independent games looking to make it out, but sometimes the resources just aren't there. What drew my attention to Dodge Wars: Battle for Mount Olypmus was simple - creativity. The game boasts itself as a competition between the youthful deities in their younger days versing the well known Titans in a individual story each character has that is told in a comic book-esque style. What seemed attractive about the game is the sheer originality behind it, something that allows for a unique game to possibly sprout from Kickstarter kind of like Mighty No. 9, and even Warframe. Not that this game will have the scale of players or possible attractiveness to it, but it seems like one to look into none-the-less. 

 The demo video is pre-rendered it seems using alpha-gameplay footage, with some very nicely touched up animations, and alpha models. The game also boasts character customization with armor, specials and of course abilities as each character has their own. The game also speaks of a 3v3 multiplayer lobby allowing for players to go head to head with 5 friends (6 players with you included) on teams of three. What seems fun about this idea is the fact it's focus is on community, getting out, having fun, and overall pelting each other with dodge-balls.

 Some of the pledge possibilities include (the best ones starting at 12 dollars) a DRM free soundtrack in MP3 format, or for fifteen dollars PSN/PC Codes (PS4 only folks) with an Armor of the Olympian, Armor of Leviathan, portal arena, and all previous tiers. Some of the tiers include game code(s) for PC/PSN (PS4), character armors, work with the development tea, and so forth. The game already seems to be heading towards the needed fifty thousand dollar goal, but it would be nice to see it actually make head way and for players that truly are anticipating such a creative title to jump on board. We can only hope the game is absolutely fun as it looks. For more information on Dodge Wars: Battle for Mount Olympus, take the link below, and check it out. For those wanting to donate, this game looks like one meant to have fun, and we can only hope that it gets a solid release.

To pledge or to find more information: Kickstarter - Dodge Wars: Battle for Mt. Olypmus

Note: At this time kick-starter codes for PSN are only available for North America.

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