Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Warframe PS4 Hands on Impressions - Ninjas Play Free (Game Version Update 11)

Warframe Hands on Impressions for PlayStation 4
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 1/7/2014
Written by Dustin Murphy

  • Easy to access mission listing through the "Play" option.
  • Main menu is easy to navigate and very self explanatory.
  • Controls are easy to learn and take on the Dualshock 4 quite well.
  • Characters are easy to farm and allow for a wide variety of roles.
  • Very well crafted Free to Play that doesn't encourage money use.
  • Future cross-play with PC will allow for a large population of players.
  • Very group oriented game that focuses on community via clans and item research only available via clan.

  • Inventory slots are highly a highly recommended purchase for those who wish to expand their Warframe collection and or weapons.
  • Alerts sometimes won't show correctly and or bug the main menu with the arsenal appearance.
  • Four Revives a day sets a challenge higher than some players may be used to.
  • Mission bugs such as lag, texture loading, disconnects, and failed to join player can become an issue.

  When it comes to Warframe it's hard to even give the game a review score or even visit it like a review since all in all, at its core, this game is a free-to-play space ninja dungeon crawler. When it comes to free-to-play titles, I'm not unknown to their costs, that I will have to pay into it; this is no different. Warframe is what I would consider as my personal flagship title for Sony's PlayStation 4, this bodes well for the console as well as the game, and has lived up to the expectation. With only a few minor hiccups, bugs, and disconnects as well as the slow loader; Warframe has yet to cease in making me want to play it. As a title that focuses on a conflict between the threats of the universe; Corpus, Grineer, and Infested. Players will find themselves waging missions against each faction, which in turn is an attempt to stop a ruling corruption from occurring, which is where the Warframes take part. With a story that is heavily codex oriented, players are highly suggested to scan enemies, loot crates, and interactive pieces in order to get more information pertaining to these. Why? Well it will simplify much of the information and questions that a player may have.

  In Warframe there is quite an interesting fact that many will state - pay to win. When it comes to Warframe many will take that stance due to the fact the title is a free to play, but one that does not eat at your wallet, and does not force you to spend. Instead I would like to refer the game like I would titles such as Hellgate: London (You know, that World of Warcraft meets Diablo MMO back on Windows XP?). Instead of fighting ugly demons, running through Piccadilly Square, and parts of London, Warframe puts players in outer space and in control of a ninja called a Tenno. Tenno being the race of people who use the Warframes. With the game we see several very familiar aspects; classes, abilities, and weapons. Different set ups you say?! Well yes I do. These set up allow for a very different play style for each person, not limited to different powers, weapons, mods (think of them as upgrades since they are) and of course polarization (resetting of item or Warframe). Do not when doing this polarization, you do get more powerful in the long run, but do note; it will not effect your overall rank anymore after the first set of thirty levels. Now back to the focus point. When it comes down to it, Warframe is a game that focuses on a few things, but one in particular - community. Warframe luckily has adjusted to cater to those who want a third person shooter that is focused on multiple objective types such as; defense, mobile defense, survival, capture, rescue, and of course boss fights (assassination missions). Each of these missions will vary one how they play, as every map is random generated, but uses a random tile set for the appearance it already has laid out. However, the path players will take can be changed completely from mission to mission.

  Warframe is one of those free to plays I would highly suggest to players who have PlayStation 4 and or PC as the game is constantly evolving and will allow for a unique experience. We do suggest taking time to learn the game by looking at control schemes, visiting earlier missions, and eventually moving onto harder difficulties. Stay tuned in the future as we will introduce our true review and give you a PC and PS4 Cross-Play, Blast Away the Game Review, exclusive review.

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