Friday, January 3, 2014

Report: Blizzard Finds Cause of Disker Trojan

Report: Blizzard Finds Cause of Disker Trojan
Originally Posted and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 1/3/2014
Written by Dustin Murphy

Thanks to the hardwork of Blizzard MVP Reesie, Blizzard was able to single handed find the root cause of the Disker Trojan Virus that we reported on almost 24 hours ago. Unfortunately, players were still affected, and the damage has been dealt. Luckily due to their hardwork a fix for the Disker Trojan has been sent out to all security program companies so they can start deploying a fix for it. However, we still advise when downloading any programs or updates, make sure they are from the source and not an offshoot. We always suggest taking proper security steps when using computers. The source for the Disker Trojan according to the World of Warcraft Insider and of course the forum link we linked to you yesterday has detected the Trojan was deployed through a fake Curse Client that was promoted through an ad. Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite to often whether we want to admit it or not.

If you think you have been infected, all major virus scanners and even smaller should or already have a fix for Disker out now, and will be getting deployed presumably quick over the next 24 hours. Great job Reesie from Blizzard, we're glad to see you and those of the support team working hard at it.

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