Thursday, January 2, 2014

Security Alert: Disker Trojan Hitting World of Warcraft/Blizzard Entertainment Gamer's.

Blizzard Entertainment Warns of Trojan Virus Effecting Players
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 1/2/2014
Written by Dustin Murphy

  Earlier today we got up and got a nasty bit of information from a fellow friend of ours who plays titles. Unfortunately, this Trojan virus can not be detected by any current spyware or malware programs, however users are reporting Malwarebytes has begun to find it. If you have been getting booted, disconnected, and or have been hacked within the past few weeks/days, it is time to read this guide. Even if you have not, we STRONGLY suggest that you go through this and see if you have been infected, if you are like some that do not surf the web - you are likely safe. However, we suggest doing the scan just to make sure you are safe. This is a keylogger that can cause huge problems for anyone that uses your computer. We also suggest running system scans just to be safe.

Source of Reports:

  With this report we would also like you to know, IF you are infected, Blizzard wants to know some info regarding how you may have been infected before taking action in attempt to remove this trojan. Such as websites visited, addons use, if you use curse, and what you were doing at the time. Why? This will help security companies prevent this, but also allows sources infection to be dwindled down in order to fix it. At this time as we said, there is very few fixes, and suggest following the steps for account security blizzard has given out. Windows 8 users? There is a guide in that post in order to check for infection.

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