Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blast Away the Game Review Breaks 6,469 Reviewers!

Blast Away Has Officially Broken 6,469 Views!
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 11/12/2013

Hello, this is Dustin Murphy, founder of Blast Away the Game Review, here on Facebook! I first of all want to thank all of you for your helping us grow and move to sitting over 6,469 viewers since August 14th. What does this mean? We've grown to a size that is unlike anything we had hoped to actually have it, but with hard work, dedication, and passion as ours here at B.A.T.G.R. we want to thank you our readers for this opportunity and want to know we truly appreciate your help in making this happen. I want you to know that your help by reading, sharing, and getting new likes to our page means we will grow even more, and help us reach our highest dreams and goals and help us strive to succeed in dreams we've yet to accomplish and help us set new goals and wants. As we do grow you help us make our highest dreams become possible, and in turn give us a chance to grow to a point we may even have to look into a blog very soon! We've grown just that big (likes to our page have been deceiving!). We will starting this Friday begin working on PlayStation 4 and XBox One titles. Unfortunately, we do not have an XBox One focused writer, which is disheartening, but fear not - we will get there before you know it! Thankfully though, we will be looking forward to gaining an XBox One writer that could possibly help with co-reviews and bring more Blast Away the Game Review exclusive reviews. With that said, I want to thank you all on the behalf of the Blast Away the Game Review team and I for making our dreams a possibility, and we will strive to make new ones and reach for new dreams and goals as they become possible.

Dustin Murphy
Founder of Blast Away the Game Review

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