Friday, November 15, 2013

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network Issues on Launch Day?

Playing PS4? Suffering Issues? So Are We.
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Written by Dustin Murphy.

Upon logging in, my PlayStation 4 was quick to update the mandatory 300+mb update, that activated many of the features. Many of them were amazing till one thing happened... The servers have been anything, but working, and or amazing. Let alone, many of the games are working, some gamer's are able to log-in, party chat, play games, and even download without any features, but the concerning part is a lack of responses from Sony Entertainment. We know that they have a lot on their plate, especially with a few people having issues with PS4's not working, HDMI ports not working, and now the unfortunate Blue Light of Death, but fear not. The amount of hardware failures have been very few and according to Sony Entertainment's president, Shuhei Yoshida, these are within their predicted range of .4% failure rate. Currently we are waiting to hear back from Sony to get an official response related to the connectivity issues. If you are having issues let us know in the comments below, if not are you enjoying your PlayStation 4? If you are, how are you preparing for when the servers smooth out?

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