Friday, November 8, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts For Next Gen Install Official

Call of Duty Ghosts Next Gen Install 49GB Before Updates
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 11/8/2013
Written by Dustin Murphy


 Have your memory woes for next generation consoles begun to get a bit worse? Well let them deepen as we welcome in the first official picture for the Call of Duty Ghosts PS4 case, now XBox One purchasers, guess what? You aren't escaping this one earlier. After visiting GameStop I was reluctant to get my hands on a XBox One copy in order to see the case, confirm the install, player size as well as capabilities that the PlayStation 4 version will have. Does this scare you? In ways it shouldn't for you PlayStation 4 owners due to Sony and their ability to allow you PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade your hard drives to larger ones, but for XBox One owners, there is no official statement at this time stating whether or not the capabilities for external hard drives will be available on launch or shortly after. However, this has not been the first time we've heard of games to be this size when they launch, but we can still speculate that games will use less install size as the consoles begin to optimize the games and the memory use.

 With this it still leaves the question as to why the next gen versions are using as much memory as that of the PC version. However, we can only hope with this information that the game will have better graphics, animations, and terrain detail will show when we get the first glimpses of it soon. Till then, what do you hope to see? Are you going to be playing next generation or has CoD: Ghosts treated you well on the current platforms? Comment below!

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