Monday, September 9, 2013

Sony to release new Vita Model and new Memory Card 64GB in Japan

Sony to release new Vita Model and new Memory Card 64GB in Japan
Originally Published on and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 9/9/2013

Written by Dustin Murphy

  Earlier today in the United States, Sony Entertainment Japan announced that they will be releasing new model colors, a 64GB memory card, and of course it will join the currently-available memory cards of 32GB, 16gb, 8GB, and the 4GB memory card models. Sony has also announced they will be releasing a new memory card unit set up. The 4GB at 1,480 yen (roughly 15 USD), the 8GB model to 1,980 (roughly 20 USD), the 16GB to 3,780 yen (roughly 38 USD), the 32GB to 6,480 yen (somewhere around 65 USD).

  However, with this announcement we should not be surprised to see an annoucement here in the West soon. I'll keep everyone updated as the information becomes available regarding the memory cards.

Taken from last nights reveal.
  In other news regarding the PS Vita, Sony has also a new model that is to be focused as "More casual and easier to use model" PS Vita, that will be lighter, thinner, and that it comes in six different colors. It is also 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the current models, and is to be more "wallet friendly," it will be packing a 5 inch LCD display that follows in lieu of an OLED screen. Battery life Sony has stated has been updated to an hour more, as well. Of course the best part of this, the built-in storage, even tough it's on 1GB, it helps a bit.

  This new model of PS Vita will be available in all six colors (some new, some old) on October 10th in Japan for 18,980 Yen of course somewhere around 195 USD. It will not be surprising if we see this coming to the western hemisphere in the future. Stay tuned as we will update you as the information becomes available.

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