Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Update of Sorts.

 Hello Readers,
    First of all I wanted to state that I'm not gone or have given up on my blog, that's not the case. Instead Blast Away the Game Review has been rather busy trying to do our countdown to Halloween with Blast Away the Game Review exclusive reviews. Currently we have quite a few new ones up. You may ask why they aren't here and that I have an answer for. The truth be told is this blog is a catalog of my articles and reviews in many ways, but also my own private, and personal passion. First off I want to let you all know that the reviews I do are written by me, but I also wanted to give Blast Away the Game Review a tad bit of exclusivity since that is where I got started. If you want, please show your support for what I and my team do, go check them out, like the page, share it, and feel free to interact with them as well as myself! I appreciate what all you readers do just by simply reading the blog, going through the articles I write as well as the reviews. If you like mine? You'll like theirs, my team is a group of talented, dedicated, and very cool folks. I thank you for reading this, knowing it's not a game review, article, or even an opinion. Instead it is just simply a heads up. Now with that out of the way I wanted to go over several things coming up soon.

Next Generation:
  With the next generation knocking on our doors in less than 30 days, players like you, your family and friends, as well as the team at B.A.T.G.R. and any other publication, we are preparing for the consoles. Personally I'm excited to see what's going on, what will come forth from them, but also how you the readers are preparing for them. It is truly something we are looking forwards to and hope you the readers are also. This is where we'd love to see you interact with the media outlets, but also Blast Away the Game Review and myself. Does next generation mean some Blast Away the Game Review exclusives? Yes, actually it does. Want a sneak peak? I can tell you one of the founding members, Jonny Red, and myself are working on a co review of Warframe on both PlayStation 4 and P.C., but also we are preparing for an unboxing of both the PlayStation 4, accessories, and of course thoughts and opinions on how they work.

   I know many of you may ask why not the XBox One on the first day and the answer is unfortunate - finances. Blast Away the Game Review writers are purely self funded unless we are supplied by the few companies we have worked with in the past. Does this mean we'll stop working with any of these publishers? No, actually we won't, we enjoy working with those that we have worked with in the past and hope to work closely with as the gaming industry as well as their companies grow larger.

What about this generation of consoles:
  This is a question several of the Blast Away the Game Review writers have been asked  and this is something I'm not scared to answer - we aren't leaving them behind. We will remain supporting the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and of course the XBox 360 as the days move onward and publishers remain supporting the consoles as well as handhelds. Does this mean we'll keep going with them?! Of course, as long as we can get games and content for them. We're excited to see how the consoles are integrated into the next generation.

Does your team plan on working with Microsoft and Sony:
 Believe it or not we are attempting to expand our contact with console creators as well as the interactive media divisions of these companies. Worry not we are currently trying to get on the press lists for Gearbox Software, Microsoft Interactive Media, and Sony Computer Entertainment divisions. These are all teams we look forward to working with and hopefully will be able to give insight to the community in response to their efforts to help the gaming community grow as it has with the passing years. Trust me, we are working on our reach, and Blast Away the Game Review and my personal blog will grow and expand as a "brands" if you will.

No one comments on your posts?:
 This is something that has been pointed out before, this is something I'm well aware of, but fret not, the page is still steadily growing in reads. Can you believe Blast Away the Game Review and this blog have had an average of over three thousand views since July 23rd of this year? I can't and it's amazing. With this also comes the fact with a growing expanse, there should be more probability for commentary as well as interaction between the writers at Blast Away the Game Review and of course reader to reader discussions we try to initiate.

The holidays are coming, are you going to prepare us with sales specials?:
  Honestly, this is something hard to comment on. Since we don't have an insight to what sales specials will be where with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, we will attempt to get as much information out as we can, and hopefully bring you the best savings possible for games. Though you may wonder why we do this and it's because of you, our readers, and the knowledge that savings help with every bit of money earned.

How can I help?:
  If that is something you have wondered, I'm here to give you that answer, and it's something you may enjoy. Simply go to Facebook, like, share, and interact with our readers and writers at Blast Away the Game Review, they are nice and hard working people. Want their names? Well here we go! I'd love to introduce to you the amazing team there.

Angie Morrison: Nintendo Fan and Reviewer. We're sure she has a Pikachu 3DS she hides behind.

Devon Day: Self proclaimed g-tech (gaming technology) reviewer that has a fascination with quality and experience.

Dustin Murphy: The cynical editor-in-chief as well as founder of Blast Away the Game Review that still denies that the cake is a lie. He still tends to wear his Marvel vs Capcom hoodie like it's the hottest thing on the block.

Jesse Olvera: Co-Founder of Blast Away the Game Review, a Batman Aficionado, and RPG nut-case that swears by his collection of limited edition bundles.

Jonny Red: A computer gamer that has a collection that we are sure is stuck back in the days of retro gaming. He also has a thing for Asian Cuisine, but we can't tell him that!

Josh Turner: A The Devin Townsend Project, gaming fanatic, and a man who swears that he's not obsessed weth the Metro series of games.

Shannon Cusick: The gamer girl that we are sure is ready to push into a YouTube page for Blast Away the Game Review.

With the entire team announced, the team of Blast Away the Game Review, myself included, hope to hear from you, see you help us grow, and become a part of our growing community.

Official Facebook Page: Blast Away the Game Review

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