Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween From XSeed Games!

Enjoy This Direct Message From XSeed Games!
Originally Copyrighted by XSeed Games
Originally Published on Blast Away the Game Review on 10/31/2013
Brought to you by Dustin Murphy

Boys and girls of all ages giggle with delight,
For Rune Factory 4 promises to fright!

There are rumors and legends within Selphia galore,
Of ghouls and ghosts in the forests and more.

The cries from the Water Ruins frighten plenty,
But the hero must press on by royal order of Venti!
Bring Forte to a mansion for an extra scare,
But should you go alone, you’d best be prepared.

Entering fall Festival with pumpkins could fill you with dread,
But crafting them into headgear might be spookier instead.
For those brave enough to adventure without care,
Come see more of Norad... if you should dare!

  Happy Halloween from XSEED Games! We hope you enjoy all that Rune Factory 4 has to offer.

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