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Tom Clancy Passes Away at 66.

A Gaming and Writing Legend Passes Away: R.I.P Tom Clancy
Originally Published and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 10/2/2013

Original Source: The New York Times 
Written by Dustin Murphy.

 On Tuesday, October 2nd, the NY times released the article, and as saddening as it is, Tom Clancy passed away in his hopsital bed in Baltimore. He passed at the age of 66.

 Many will remember him as the man who wrote in-depth, thought provoking, and adrenaline-filled books that created his genre of realistic thrillers, and in time he became one of the best-selling and one of the most recognized writers out there. 

 Some of is will know his books and movies such as "The Hunt for the Red October", "Clear and Present Danger," The hunter for the Red October" and Clear and Present Danger." As some of you also know he had written several video games over the span of multiple generations. His first and most well known was the series; Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. The game was his first introduction into a counter-terrorism group based in a virtual world, it was released for Windows back in 1998 and later was released on the Nintendo 64, PlayStation One, and of course the Sega DreamCast. His latest break outs in the gaming industry was his Sam Fisher novels having become games known as Splinter Cell. We will also remember him for the well scripted, well written, and of course very tactical games - Ghost Recon. With a planned release for his new title Rainbow Six: Patriots, we can only wonder what is in store, who will carry his legacy, and if we can plan on such in-depth stories ever again from the series. If not, we hang our hats, tip our heads, and remember his accomplishments as well as his pure raw talent.

 Later in his career, Tom Clancy had several books became movies we all will remember including, "Patriot Games" "The Hunt for the Red October" and my personal favorite, "Clear and Present Danger."

 According to the New York Times, his next book to release, "Command Authority," is planned to release on December 3 of this year.

 His life accomplishments as a writer will remain amazing, well remembered, and of course well received. He had seventeen novels to go to first place on the New York Times best sellers list, that includes his most recent novel, "Threat Vector," which was released back in December of 2012. According also to the New York Times, his books have over 100 million copies in print.

 When it comes to Tom, he was a man of extrodinary measure, a man that could grasp you within a few pages, and hold you in. His games are no exception to this, as were his movies. Tom Clancy graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore, where he obtained a degree in English, and saw his graduation in 1969. Soon after he joined the Army R.O.t.C., where he was told he couldn't qualify due to his eyesight. As of today, Tom is survived by his wife, Alexandra; their daughter, Alexis; and four children from a previous marriage to Wanda King, Michelle Bandy, Christine Blocksidge, Kathleen Clancy and Thomas Clancy III.

 “I hang my hat on getting as many things right as I can,” Mr. Clancy once said in an interview. “I’ve made up stuff that’s turned out to be real — that’s the spooky part.”

 Tom Clancy was born in Baltimore, Maryland on April 12, 1947 and left this world on October 2nd, 2013.
Tom Clancy, may you find rest in your eternal slumber. Our thoughts, prayers, and wishes go out to his friends and relatives at their time of mourning. A legend such as himself will be missed.

Original Source: Tom Clancy, Best Selling Novelist of Military Thrillers Dies at 66

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