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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A game that is truly spellbinding.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A game that is truly spellbinding.
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Review by Dustin Murphy.

-A stunningly gripping story
-Story told through emotionally grabbing at the player
-Stunning graphics
-A score that goes hand in hand scenes being played out

-The use of left and right thumb stick to control each character
-At times the trigger commands for each bother are unresponsive
-Achievements and trophies for hunters are very cryptic

Brothers a Tale of Two Sons Splash Screen

  Brothers: A tale of Two Sons is easily one of the most unique games of this generation. From indie game developer Star Breeze Studios and published by 505 Games Brothers puts us in a uniquely written world. In Brothers players take control of Big Brother and Little Brother shortly after the death of their mother that seems evidently recent and now their father whom has fallen gravely ill. Taking their father to the local doctor they seek help to cure him as he is progressively getting worse. The doctor informs them that there is a cure and this is where an amazingly captivating, emotionally gripping, and challenging trials begin for these two. Within minutes players will take control of the two. It is within the first few minutes players will come to understand that the game is not written with words as its context of story telling. Instead it is the body language of the characters, their actions, the music, and the scenes before them as it unfolds. The most interesting part of this story telling is how they can interact with people, the terrain, each other and items around them. From one scene where Big Brother will help a village woman sweep the ground only to have little brother show off by balancing a broom upon his hand. It is these small queues that will captivate gamer's to how games can be told through the expression of emotion and how music can help portray what the player should feel as the story unfolds.

Little Brother strumming an old mans harp.

  Brothers: A Tale of Two sons is unique in the fact it is a platforming puzzle game at its core allowing it to be the most unique title to date. The game opens up teaching us that the left analog stick controls Big Brother who is adorned in blue clothing while the right analog stick quickly lets us learn that we control Little Brother who is adorned in orange clothing. We also are quick to learn the left and right triggers control the actions the characters will perform. With this set up comes at times a heavy confusion and players must quickly learn that this game is about using your mind to figure out what is going on before them. The easiest way to do this is to always try and keep Big Brother on the left side and Little Brother on the right. The hardest time players may find is knowing when to alternate between the two brothers as they often will switch sides causing players to have to think about which trigger and analog stick to use as they alternate between the two characters very quickly. Once this is figured out this game is truly an experience that players will never forget and will be wondering what drove the developers to make such a unique title. A title that is surely to be one of the best told stories through the body language, music, and scenery that unfolds between the two players. In this title where one brother is weak the other must be strong, where one brother is fearful the other must be brave. They must be.... Brothers.

Beautiful example of the grasp of their graphical story telling and engine
Graphics: Colorful, bright, and highly animated to help capture and deliver the message of this games story as it plays out.

Sound: The sound in this title from Starbreeze studio is top notch from the subtle whispers of instruments to the rustling of the environment players encounter the sound is just as emotionally captivating as the graphics and animations.

Controls: Unique with there use players will find themselves a bit disoriented and moving a character in the wrong direction as left analog stick and trigger control Big Brother while the left analog stick and trigger control Little Brother and his actions.

Official Facebook PageStarbreeze Studios

Official Website: Brothers Game

Replay Value: Moderate.

Over all rating: 9 out of 10.

Final Verdict: A must have. Brothers is a true gaming treasure.

Cost: 1,200 Microsoft Points or 15 USD on XBox 360, PS3: 14.99 USD and will be available on 9.3.2013 Steam/PC: 14.99 and will be available 8.28.2013

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