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XBox One Another Controversy Arises..

XBox One Another Controversy Arises..
Originally Posted on and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 8/12/2013
Article Written by Dustin Murphy

Information sourced from IGN:IGN's Q&A with Mark Whitten of Microsoft

XBox Kinect Sensor 2.0 at XBox Reveal
     The XBox One has seen so many reversals from Microsoft many gamer's are unsure whether the console is something worth buying or a near by future high cost paper weight. In truth it's something that has me wondering and worried about as well. It has gone from always-online required to once a day check ins to now no online requirement except initial set up is required. It has also seen heavy critical aim as it has been announced that the initial launch will only happen in twenty one countries versus a world wide launch by its enemy the PlayStation 4 by Sony Entertainment. One big one has been the controversial always on, always watching, and always collecting data XBox One Kinect Version 2. This has been giving heavy criticism due to the whistle blowing on the NSA project known as PRISM, which Microsoft has declined any involvement of their Kinect. However, that hasn't comforted many gamer's who are becoming former XBox fans and are buying or spending more time with or without their consoles and moved to PS3 or PC and or are waiting on their PS4s to arrive this winter. However Microsoft has stated players will only have a minor use of the XBox Ones core functionality due to it being heavily reliant on the Kinect Version 2. Players will not get to experience many game features, media features, party chat, dashboard, market, in-game or online features granted to the XBox One and programmed into it's core use system. 

XBox One Reveal image by Microsoft. Console with Kinect 2.0 and Controller
   For gamer's such as myself who prefer not to use Kinect you will see a minor loss in functionality. However, according to a twitter conversation between myself and XBox Support (Link below if you wish to read it) it will vary depending on developers.

  Mark Whitten of Microsoft's XBox team has fortunately sat down with IGN for a lenghty AMA that will go on for days to come over the next several weeks to months perhaps.

My Q&A with XBox Support Team Regarding XBO: @GamingAnomaly questions XBox Support

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