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Top 10 Co-Op Titles For PS3 and or XBox 360

Dustin's Top 10 Co-Op Titles For PS3 and or XBox 360:
Originally Posted on and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 8/17/2013
List by Dustin Murphy.

10. Aliens: Colonial Marines (Gearbox/TimeGate)

Title is rated as Mature by ESRB

    Though the title was bad in every means of horrendous since E.T on Atari, Aliens: Colonial Marines will give players a sincere agreement that the title presents a fun, enthusiastic co-op that could leave them entertained for hours until the frustratingly last gen-graphic's seem more apparent to them. With it players will find themselves visiting LV92 where the events of Aliens (Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henriksen) had taken place. During the investigation everything is not what it seems and leaves players at times in high fire power required situations and shouting commands to one another to stay alive. Unfortunately the at-times tight corridors leave players left feeling frustrated and wanting to quickly stop. (Review on this title upcoming)

9. Castle Crashers (The Behemoth)


In Castle Crashers players will find themselves laughing at the horrendously childish influences this game finds itself having. From a bear crapping itself to poop propelled dear only to find the underlying story a laugh of fighting over the kings daughters. Castle Crashers much like Alien Hominid HD and Classic, leaves players with a true feeling of no remorse at the end of the stage as they are beating up one another after each boss to claim a princess for themselves. Each player is identified as a different knight and will be granted different abilities as they level up their characters from beating people up in this RPG like brawling side-scrolling title. (Review coming soon)

8. Defiance (Trion Worlds, Inc)

Even though at its heart Defiance is a MMOTPS title, it is what could be considered one of the largest scale co-op titles created. While allowing for groups up to four people to take on a vast array of missions from co-op, to challenges, and finally world raids, players will find themselves creating, editing, and at times having to trade or swap weapons to get where needed.

7. Dead Rising 2 - Including DLC (Blue Castle Games)
Dead Rising 2, DR2 Off The Record, and Case West are probably some of the funniest, serious, and large scale zombie titles I've ever played. Dead Rising 2 and it's two DLC packs that allow co-op are actually quite fun putting players in the role as Frank West and Chuck Greene. In this players can dress up their characters, create unimaginable weapons, as well as carry off some of the wackiest, goofiest and even hilarious moments in gaming as they rush through horde after horde of zombies only to run for a safe room once their supply of goofy weapons has come to pass.

6. Left 4 Dead - DLC Available (PC/XBox 360 Only)

Left 4 Dead is possibly one of the most interesting takes on a zombie survival co-op. Left 4 Dead places up to four players in a post-zombie Apocalypse scenario where they must work together, find, and even sneak past evolved zombie types that at times can be down right painful to encounter. The interesting take on this title is that players will have to revive, heal, and ultimately rely on one another to accomplish this games campaign. It is not one for the faint of heart.

5. Left 4 Dead 2 - DLC Available (PC/XBox 360 Only)

Much like it's former title, Left 4 Dead does the same as before. Pitting up to four players against countless waves of zombies that they can either sneak past, hunt down, or even all in all ignore if they choose to find the safest path possible. However Left 4 Dead 2 will also take players into new community challenges by taking on special challenges caused by Mutations causing things to go either easy or beyond hard giving them a true challenge and bragging rights.

4. Dead Island Game of the Year Edition (Techland)

Acclaimed as one of the best zombie co-op titles, Dead Island will pit players up against an extremely chaotic scene once they start up the title. The first thing players are welcomed to is all Hell breaking loose on the imaginary island getaway of Banoi. Players can choose from one of four classes. Purna the Marksman, Logan the Knife specialist, Xian Mei the games rogue or Sam B the tank. The game is very much a co-op RPG taking queues from the Borderlands titles as well as Dead Rising with weapon creation.

3. Dead Island Riptide (Techland)

Much like the former title, Dead Island Riptide puts on vast improvements allowing four players to once more fight through another zombie outbreak they once thought they escaped. In this title players will see enhanced co-op capabilities through new talents, weapon patterns, and even weapons. Players will take on multiple types of mutations and bosses a like giving the game a bit harder stand point than the former.

2. Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (Gearbox)

   Known for its welcomed change to the First Person Shooter genre, Borderlands two is perfect for up to four players in this RPG like element. Players can edit, choose their classes, and even take on missions that at times seem too hysterical or odd to really comprehend. Featuring a new game+ mode, players will be able to spend hours upon hours in co-op hunting down unique weapons, shields, grenades and the likes.

1. Borderlands 2 (Gearbox)

Just like it's predecessor Borderlands 2 is the perfect title for Co-Op fanatics who want a good four person wasteland crawling experience. With it players will be able to edit clothing, take on missions like before, and ultimately go on a true Vault Hunters experience.

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