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Microsoft Points to Transition Soon

Microsoft Points to Transition Soon.
Originally Posted On and Copyrighted by Blast Away the Game Review on 8/11/2013
Article by Dustin Murphy.

1600 Microsoft Points Card, 20.00 USD

   Earlier this year there had been news fluttering around that Microsoft would expire the Microsoft Points Program and transition it to localized currency. At the XBox One reveal there were many things announced and many gamer's worst fears came to reality. Some of them not so bad such as the transition to leave the Microsoft Points currency as confusing as it is to the real money system they intend on moving to. The question at hand a lot of players as well as consumers have is the want to know what will happen to their current balance at the time of transition with the fall update. In Microsoft's support page for this they have luckily come out and said stated as quoted "To make this a seamless and positive experience for our customers, we have considered many factors to help ensure that the amount added to your Microsoft account will be of equal or greater Marketplace value than your Microsoft Points. Marketplace value may not always be equivalent to retail price. Retail price is determined by the Retailer, whereas Marketplace value reflects the value of Points throughout Microsoft stores." 

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  With that note players may actually see Microsoft Points come in rather than go out as they tally up the amount of each gamer in this transition. For XBox Rewards members this also means that the system is changing there and that the points earned via XBox Live rewards will survive the transition as well and of course will do the same as purchased Microsoft Points and go up in monetary value to the highest rounded number. For the full scoop hit the link below and read up on the full change from Microsoft.

  Authors Note: I find this interesting that Microsoft has done this as the Microsoft Point system can become confusing to people who are new to it. Especially with how the lay out and pricing is. However they have not stated whether or not this means digital content could possibly be seeing tax put on it. Hopefully not as digitally purchased games via games on demand already do see digital sales tax.

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